Secure Futures Colorado is a non-profit, bipartisan organization created to promote the urgent need for major reform of Colorado’s public pension system, The Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA).

  • PERA’s Ron Baker makes craven play to the home crowd

    Colorado PERA's acting executive director took a cheap shot at us and others advocating for meaningful reforms to the state pension plan. It was an unhelpful attempt to "throw red meat to the base."...

  • Business groups push more ambitious PERA reforms

    A new study from a coalition of business groups urges legislators to go further to fix PERA, while lifting the burden off taxpayers....

  • The big PERA bill drops

    An ambitious and well-conceived bill to reform Colorado PERA and restore it to fiscal health was introduced today in the Colorado Senate...

With $23 billion in debt, PERA is an unfunded liability that can’t be rescued with tinkering and tweaks. More importantly, it is a fundamentally unfair and outdated model that creates winners and losers based on the wrong metrics and makes public sector careers less attractive to the future workforce.

Failure to address this issue will result in ever-increasing sums of state and local tax dollars going to service pension debt. The consequence of this is the budgetary “crowding out”, year after year, of important public services from educational programs to health care, roads, parks and all the rest. That is not the future Colorado wants.

Please join us in pushing for sensible, sustainable pension reform in Colorado. You can find more information about our organization, its strategies, and its goals here.