Secure Futures Colorado is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, stand-alone organization created to promote the urgent need for major reform of Colorado’s public pension system, the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA).

We believe Colorado’s approach to retirement for public employees must be fundamentally overhauled – for the good of the state, for the good of taxpayers, and for the good of public sector employees.

Efforts in recent years to address the sustainability of public employee retirement in Colorado have ranged from modest tinkering to irresponsible gambling. Neither will work. We need thoughtful leadership, commitment to meaningful reform, and political will and fortitude to make it happen.

Secure Futures Colorado will take on the challenge of advancing meaningful reform to secure the retirement future of Colorado’s public employees in a manner that is fiscally responsible and sustainable. Built to be agile, aggressive, and strategic, we will not settle for modest adjustments to the status quo or for attractive, but short-sighted proposals.

With your partnership and support, Secure Futures Colorado will fix the fiscally irresponsible public retirement system for Colorado’s taxpayers and deliver a secure future for Colorado’s public servants.

We urge you to join us.

Over the next three years, Secure Futures Colorado will:

Build a diverse coalition of public and private sector voices in support of advancing meaningful change to PERA.

Support the development of sound policy alternatives to the current PERA system grounded in shared principles about what constitutes an effective, fair and sustainable public retirement system.

Create the environment necessary to advance reform through public and political will building.

Execute a political agenda to bring about change.

Our Board

Jill Hamilton

Director of Communications, Denver Institute for Faith and Work

Wayne Hutchins

Retired Chairman, Chase Bank Colorado

Michael Johnson

Partner, Kutak Rock LLP and member of the Board of Education and Treasurer of Denver Public Schools

James Cryan

Founder and CEO, Rocky Mountain Prep

Harold Logan

Co-founder, Basic Materials and Services, LLC

Alex Ooms

Managing Partner, ClearCreek Partners

Kristin Richardson

Community Leader

Al Timothy

Retired, Vice President of Community Affairs, MillerCoors

Josh Devon

Chief Financial Officer, STRIVE Prep

Mike Kopp

Executive Director, Colorado Concern

Scott Laband

President, Colorado Succeeds

Damion Lee-Natali

Executive Director, Teach for America Colorado

Luke Ragland

President, READY Colorado

Dan Ritchie

Community leader

Van Schoales

CEO, A+ Colorado

Kimberlee Sia

Executive Director, KIPP Colorado

Rob Stein

Superintendent, Roaring Fork School District

Paul Teske

Dean of the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver

Jeff Wasden

President, Colorado Business Roundtable

Our Consulting Team

Eric Sondermann

Eric Sondermann has long been a leading public affairs and media consultant in Colorado. Having sold his interest in 2014 in the SE2 firm that he founded, he now divides his time between some limited, high-level consulting (including leadership of the Secure Futures Colorado project); his writing and media commentary; and civic leadership. A high-profile political analyst, Eric is a regular columnist in The Denver Post, a regular panelist on Colorado Public Television’s “Colorado Inside Out”; and a host of the “Colorado Decides” political debate series. He is sought after as a source of political insight by journalists from all corners. On the civic side, Eric currently chairs the Board of Roots Elementary Charter School. He also serves on the Board of the Colorado Symphony and of the Colorado I Have a Dream Foundation (immediate Past Chair). In recent years, he has chaired the Board of Catapult Leadership (formerly Get Smart Schools) and served as a Board member at Urban Peak and the Colorado League of Charter Schools. He also was the long-time Board Chair of The Logan School. Eric and his wife Tracy Dunning are the parents of two grown children, Katrina and Clarke.

Amy Slothower

Amy Slothower is a management consultant whose focus is on nonprofit strategic planning. She was previously the founding Executive Director of Get Smart Schools (now Catapult Leadership,) a charter school incubator, and was also the founder and board president of Denver Venture School, a Denver Public Schools charter high school.  In addition, she co-founded the Denver School of Science and Technology where she spent three years as chief financial officer prior to its 2004 opening. She also served as the vice president of finance and operations for the Colorado Children’s Campaign. She received bachelor’s degrees in history and literature from Harvard University. She earned an MBA with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

PERAscope Editor: Alan Gottlieb