What is Secure Futures Colorado?

Secure Futures Colorado is an independent, single-issue organization dedicated to advancing meaningful public policy reform to secure the retirement future of Colorado’s public employees through deep reform of the Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA). Secure Futures is agile, aggressive and strategic and is committed to making state-level public policy change in the next three years. Secure Futures will operate as a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Corporation (CNDC), led by a dedicated advisory board. The organization will be administered by a consulting team with deep expertise and success in politics and policy.

How is this different from the Pension Reform Steering Committee and Colorado Pension Project?

This is a natural evolution and out-growth of those successful efforts. Building on the foundation they set in raising public awareness of the issue and putting it on the radar screen for policymakers, Secure Futures Colorado will take the next steps to advance public policy change to fix a fiscally irresponsible retirement system and replace it with one that is sustainable, equitable and supportive of long-term efforts to attract the best talent to public sector jobs. Key distinguishing factors from earlier efforts include:

  • Secure Futures is an independent organization with the singular focus of addressing pension reform – no competing priorities or potential conflicts.
  • Secure Futures will be a broad and inclusive effort, approaching this as an issue that impacts many sectors in Colorado, including but not limited to education.
  • Secure Futures is an action-oriented organization dedicated to moving state level public policy change in a three-year timeframe.

What does success look like for Secure Futures Colorado?

Passage of legislation to comprehensively overhaul of Colorado’s public employee retirement system.