PERA only has 58.1% of the money it needs to support PERA recipients

That’s an unfunded liability of $32.2 billion, putting its long term financial stability (and that of its members) in peril.

The 2010 PERA reform measures weren’t enough — they assumed rates of return that weren’t realistic, and now we are in danger of running out of money.

We need state lawmakers to act now to save PERA, or risk racking up an additional $2.3 billion in debt this year, jeopardizing Colorado’s credit rating. That could impact schools’ abilities to pass bond measures — a critical funding source for cash-strapped districts across the state.

Tell your state representative that the time to act is NOW!

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Want to learn more? Click here for a Denver Post article that explains how we got here, and why we’re heading for a second PERA crisis.